NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire has some explaining to do after touting Christopher Dorner’s rambling manifesto as “a must read” on Twitter.

Dorner, fired by the LAPD in 2009, was on the run in California earlier this month after allegedly killing three people, including a police officer. The manhunt ended last week with Dorner dead, and a fourth victim — sheriff’s deputy Jeremiah MacKay — killed in the shootout.

Dorner had posted an online manifesto, complaining he was wrongly fired and would bring warfare to Los Angeles police and their families.

“Interesting. This is a must read !!” Stoudemire tweeted Sunday, with a link to a transcript of Dorner’s lengthy, much-discussed statement.

One Twitter user replied to the Knicks star: “Instead of publicizing a murderer manifesto, how bout posting information on his INNOCENT victims that had NOTHING to do w/ him.”

WFAN co-host Craig Carton said he’d give Stoudemire the benefit of the doubt — for now.

“I will guarantee you that today or tomorrow, Amar’e Stoudemire will explain what he meant, because the Knicks are going to make him,” Carton said Tuesday morning. “And I’ll also guarantee you that the New York Knicks’ PR staff, as a good PR staff would, will write it down so that Amar’e presents it in a more acceptable fashion. ‘Cause the answer can’t be anything other than, ‘That dude is such a lunatic, it’s fascinating to see that side of the mind.’

“It’s the only explanation.”

Co-host Boomer Esiason agreed, saying Stoudemire has no choice but to “explain why he put it out there.”

“Why is it a must-read? I’m not reading a manifesto of a deranged psycho unless, of course, it gives me a perspective as to why he’s a deranged psycho, and I would find that interesting for some reason,” Esiason said.

Do you demand an explanation from Amar’e, or is this being blown out of proportion? Be heard in the comments…

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