NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — A New York City non-profit organization is working to save the life of a Nebraska woman who is in need of multiple organs.

Molly Pearce, 24, was born with Hirschsprungs disease, a rare disorder that prevents parts of the large intestine from functioning correctly.

An antibiotic that Pearce took at age 14, destroyed her kidneys, and forced her receive all of her feedings through an IV.

Molly’s mother donated her a Kidney, but the transplant failed and her body began to shut down. Doctor’s decided that she would need a new liver, pancreas, small intestine, and kidney. Now Pearce is in the hospital with pneumonia.

Pearce’s condition has become so weak that visitors must wear an isolation gown, gloves, and a mask when they come to see her.

The Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation of America in New York City, has arranged for kidney donations all over the United States. For Pearce they are looking for organs from donors with type-O blood.

The sisters told 1010 WINS that they started the organization after their father’s life was saved when a kidney donation became available through a social media campaign in 2008.

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