NEW YORK (WLNY) — Pattie Mallette is known to most as superstar Justin Bieber‘s mom.

But she’s also using her own life experiences to help mothers-to-be around the world.

Mallette is lending her name to a fundraising project based around a short film, Cresendo, about the life of Beethoven’s mother.

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“I found a lot of similarities with Beethoven’s mom, having a musical son – and then also, a lot of people don’t know how she tried to take her life while she was pregnant.”

Their goal is to raise $10 million for pregnancy centers around the world.

“I lived in a pregnancy center the whole time I was pregnant with Justin,” she said. “I don’t know where I’d be without that place, and they’ve since shut their doors due to lack of funds.”

When Mallette was pregnant with Justin at the age of 18, many people around her suggested she terminate the pregnancy.

“There was a lot of pressure for me,” she said. “I was young and scared, so there was a lot of pressure to have an abortion.”

Mallete says, however, that the film is not anti-abortion.

“There’s been a lot of controversy…but it’s really a historical piece. It’s a true story. It’s not me taking any sort of stance.”

She said her son is very supportive of her new project.

“He’s been really supportive. I think he like sthat I’m doing my own thing, and giving him some space,” she said. “He’s really proud of me.”

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