NEW YORK (WLNY) — A topsy-turvy romance in a mind-blowing setting — that’s about a good way as any to describe the new film Upside Down, which opens March 15.

Jim Sturgess stars in the film alongside Kirsten Dunst. The two play star-crossed lovers in alternate worlds, that are being pulled in opposite directions by gravity.

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Sturgess joined The Couch to talk about the new movie.

“It’s a real classic love story, like Romeo and Juliet or West Side Story,” Sturgess said. “It’s a fairy tale.”

The star said he dislocated his shoulder while making the film.

“It was actually a stunt guy that just threw me up against the car, and I popped my shoulder,” he said. “Luckily it was right at the end of the shoot. We only had two or three more days left of filming.”

The movie star is also quite involved in music, though he admits his film career keeps him from doing much with new projects.

“I’ve always sort of been involved in music and all my friends are musicians back in London,” Sturgess said.

“When I have the time and I’m back home and I”m not working, then I’m always messing around with musical projects.”

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