But Walmart Is The Lead Venue In The Greatest Number Of States

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A recent study found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that the largest number of New Yorkers who place Missed Connections posts on Craigslist find their objects of adoration on the subway.

But the leading Missed Connections venue nationwide – coming in first in 15 U.S. states – is Walmart.

Psychology Today recently released a study in its February issue breaking down the settings for the places where those infamous missed connections happened – or didn’t happen. The subway was in the lead statewide for New York – in a trend that bears out just by browsing through the New York local Missed Connections section of Craigslist any given day.

“Saw you on the C Train to Brooklyn, we were both enthralled by the two 5/6 year olds talking about robots TV shows and video games. You had black rimmed glasses, green jacket, big backpack. I have a black beard and red winter cap,” one ad posted Wednesday read. “Thought you might get off the train where I did, but sadly not. Another time perhaps!”

“I See you almost every day on the 6 train going from the Bronx to Manhattan and I always think myself WOW she’s gorgeous we have made eye contact a couple of times but I’m not sure if I should approach you,” read another ad.

Futile though they may seem, attempts at connections on the subway are well-known – and they even have some proud enablers. Matchmaker Erika Christensen told 1010 WINS in December about her Train Spottings dating site, through which she charges a monthly fee for matching, date planning and coaching.

Her Web site includes a Craigslist-style “missed connections” section, as well as an assortment of advice on “finding love underground.” She advises people to approach others and strike up conversations, whether the motivation is a delay that leaves people stuck on a train, or a bizarre sight.

In New Jersey, likewise a state with high mass transit use, most of the Missed Connections ads stem from encounters on a train, the Psychology Today study said. But in Connecticut, the top venue was Stop & Shop grocery stores.

Subways and trains, respectively, were also the top Missed Connections venues in Massachusetts and Illinois – homes of the Boston ‘T’ and Chicago ‘L’ rapid transit systems, respectively. Buses were the leading venues in Washington State and Oregon; casinos in Nevada; and supermarkets in Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota. And in California, the 24-hour gym was the place to be.

But the world’s largest retailer was the largest Missed Connections setting in 15 different states – Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Montana, and Idaho.

And in Indiana, the top Missed Connections venue was somehow found to be “at home.”

Men post far more Missed Connections ads than women, according to the study. Men seeking women account for 59 percent of the ads, followed by 27 percent for men seeking men, 13 percent for women seeking men, and 1 percent for women seeking women.

The study also found the venues for Missed Connections ads seemed to grow seedier depending on the median age of the poster. The top venue for 20-year-olds was an ice cream shop, for 30-year-olds a bar, and for 40-year-olds a strip club or adult bookstore.

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