From two weeks to two months in just 24 hours.  If you listened to yesterday’s radio program you had to be somewhat prepared when you heard the news that Mark Teixeira will be out quite a bit longer than the original two weeks speculated after Tex heard a pop in his wrist.

Boomer and Craig opened today’s radio program talking about the Yankees’ mounting injuries and bleak outlook for the 2013 season, as well as the drama that continues to surround Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks.

The Knicks won last night in Detroit, an 87-77 victory over the Pistons, sans any contribution from the ailing Anthony, who sat out after his controversial early exit against the Cavs a few nights earlier.  With Kevin Durant and the Thunder coming to the Garden, it’s unlikely that Melo will play after being diagnosed with fluid on his knee, but one never knows these days with the Knicks, as Mike Woodson and the rest of the higher-ups seem to be having a tough time keeping their story straight these days.

So the guys had a lot to cover today and were more than up to the task. They even managed to cover some spring training standings and offered an explanation on how the phrase ‘Catch 22’ came about.

Can you say “Well-rounded Morning Extravaganza”?

I know you can…

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