Parents Who Talked To CBS 2 Want Accountability, Say Their Kids Are Scarred

LONG BRANCH, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Furious parents in New Jersey are speaking out after their children were allegedly bound and gagged by school employees.

Four second graders said they were assaulted inside a school bathroom.

It has been a year of guilt, anger and outrage for the two fathers, who spoke exclusively to CBS 2’s Jessica Schneider on Friday.

The men — named Jeff and Michael — didn’t want their last names used, but are breaking their silence for the first time, saying their sons are scared to go to school after a simple trip to the bathroom turned into a frightening few minutes.

“I felt like I let my son down. I dropped him off at school that morning and I let him down,” said Jeff. “Wait a minute, you just confirmed that four boys were tied up and two of them were gagged in the bathroom and they took pictures of them and you sent them home? And no one ever called police?”

Jeff and Michael’s 7-year-old sons were among the boys allegedly taunted and tied up by two school custodians when they simply walked into a school bathroom.

Three sets of parents recently filed a $30 million lawsuit against Long Branch Public Schools, the Board of Education, the two custodians and the Gregory Elementary School, where the alleged incident happened.

“Thirty million? They’re getting off lucky. You touched my kid. You touched my kid!” Jeff said.

“I’d like to see the school board held accountable for their actions. I’d like to see some policies made clear and/or changed,” Michael added.

The custodians never faced criminal charges. The fathers claim the school never apologized and their sons have been left permanently scarred.

“I have my son in therapy and I have my wife in therapy right now,” Jeff said.

“He’s had issues with trust with just about everyone since this has happened,” Michael said.

The fathers said they are now in search of some relief.

“When this was all happening it turned our household completely upside down. And I’m looking at my son thinking ‘I send you to school every day to learn under the assumptions that you’re safe.’ No parent should be concerned that something like this would happen,” Michael said.

Cell phone pictures were allegedly taken of this incident, but police and prosecutors were never able to find them. The two custodians were fired.

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