After watching Carmelo Anthony’s performance last night against the Warriors, despite his 4-15 shooting performance, Craig saw no signs that Melo has an injured knee, which according to the Knicks superstar ‘will never be 100 percent.’

Not that Craig is questioning whether or not Melo is actually hurt, he was just adding another layer to the ongoing saga that is the New York Knicks.

Meanwhile Boomer was paying no attention at all to what his radio partner was saying about the Knicks or anything else for that matter.  Boomer you see, tends to zone out from time to time throughout the morning.  Such was the case while Craig was droning on about Melo’s knee, that much became obvious by Boom’s response – which was that he believes Marc Staal (pictured), who is out with an injury (a brutal one at that, as the Blueshirts defenseman took a puck to the eye back on March 5 in a game against the Flyers) will return to the Rangers within a month.

The news about Staal is obviously good, but the manner in which Boomer brought it up has Craig calling for changes, big changes, and he put the Blonde ‘hockey loving’ Bomber on notice…

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