NEW YORK (WLNY) — Looking for Mr. Right?

Tony Gaskins, author of “Mrs. Right: A Woman’s Guide To Becoming And Remaining A Wife,”  has the answers on how to get the man in your life to pop the question.

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“I’m telling women to behave more like CEOs, and not an intern in their own life,” he said. “You have to be willing to interview a man, check his relationship resume, give him a timeline and evaluate him every three months. And then be willing to promote him, demote him, or terminate him.”

Gaskins said he was taught all of this by his wife. He admits to being a womanizer who made all the mistakes — before he met her.

“This woman changed my life,” he said. “When I lived it, I learned real love, and I had to teach it.”

“She stood her ground,” he said. “When I met a woman who loved herself more than I ever loved a woman, it made me go to the next level.”

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“Women fall in love with the idea of love,” he said. “Men actually have to fall in love.”

A lot of women are “in love” without any love in their relationship.

His book has three main themes:

1. Healing before dealing: women must heal and unpack any old baggage from past relationships.

2. Prepare and Position: women must work on the 3B’s (Brain, Brand, Body) and then get in the “market place.”

3. Seal the deal: women must know how to go from girlfriend to wife and not get stuck as a career dater.

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