Despite a few glum talking points, Boomer and Craig opened up today’s radio program in their usual jovial manner, putting their personal touch on this Wednesday morning in March

Tyson Chandler has a cervical spine issue, diagnosed as a bulging disc in his neck after an MRI and will reportedly miss about a week or so.  On the surface the injury doesn’t seem all that concerning, but Boomer and Craig have a job to dig deeper — which is what they did.

The Knicks will take on the Magic tonight at the Garden, Chandler is obviously out, but Carmelo Anthony’s status is still uncertain.

With the Yankees captain’s Opening Day status called into question, the Dynamic Radio Duo made the seamless transition to the baseball diamond, as Derek Jeter was unable to take the field yesterday against the Phillies dues to stiffness in his ankle.

Then there is ‘Sexy Rexy’ and his regrets.  Rex Ryan will resume defensive play-calling duties this season and upon some apparent reflection, the outspoken Jets head coach shares a regret from his past.

That of course got Craigie to thinkin’…

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