Lauren Hutton, Sophia Loren, Salma Hayek, Jaime Edmondson, Beyonce, J-Lo… do you like how this is starting out?

During this revealing segment, Boomer may have showed his age a bit, while providing his top five (or six ) most fetching gals of all-time. But I don’t think one could really argue with his selections — other than Craig, that is.

Al Dukes has a problem with Boomer and it has nothing to do with what qualities he finds desirable in a woman.  Al’s beef stems from, what he calls, a lack of focus on Boomer’s part during the show.  Rather than approach the Booms about the matter, Al instead went to Craig, hoping he could help resolve things.

As it turns out, Craig did little to help Al’s plight, as he pointed out a recent Tweet (@AlsBoringTweets) about clear Gummy Bears that shed Al in a poor light and rendered his argument against Boomer quite the contradiction…

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