While trying to make sense of the latest rule change to be introduced by the NFL, Craig wondered how the Jets’ infamous ‘butt fumble’ might have been handled — because Mark Sanchez did technically ‘lead with the crown of his helmet’ when colliding with Brandon Moore’s backside on that fateful November night, which will forever be etched in the minds of poor Jets fans.

Boomer on the other hand, he’s just happy that the ‘butt fumble’ play has a chance to knock the ‘spike game’ off the perch as the unofficial signature Jets moment.

‘The’ Eddie Scozzare doesn’t care much for the times when Boomer is happy, which is due to a deep-seeded hatred he has for the Booms, so the ‘B&C button-pusher’ took great joy in the Blonde Bomber’s incorrect prediction a few days back with regards to the controversial NFL rule change…

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