By Ann Liguori
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Comeback stories tend to draw people in and inspire. Sports fans love to see an athlete rally and overcome tremendous odds to achieve.

It’s yet to be determined whether Tiger Woods’ comeback story, both on and off the course, will create the same sort of inspired and awed reaction. But when Woods’ incredible talents on the course resurface, it’s amazing to watch.

As I walked the course at Woods’ former residence — Isleworth Golf & Country Club — on Monday, during the modified first day of the Tavistock Cup (not far from Bay Hill where Woods was winning his eighth Arnold Palmer Invitational), Woods’ mammoth comeback to the top of the game hit me dead on!

It was at Isleworth, in this ultra, high-end golf community, where Woods’ life first began to unravel when he backed into a fire hydrant in front of his house. His scandalous personal life was soon exposed. In the following months, he went from being one of the most revered and respected individuals on the planet to a punch line of many jokes.

Fast forward three-plus years and much is behind him, including the scandal which caused him a most public fall from grace, as well as dropped sponsors, a divorce,  various injuries, swing changes and a plunge in the rankings.

As Woods returns to the top of the game, perhaps he is screaming, “Good riddance to these last three years!”

Today, Woods is back to being the No. 1 ranked player in the game after winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational, two shots ahead of Justin Rose. With Woods’ recent win at the Cadillac Championship at Doral, it’s the first time he’s registered back-to-back wins since 2009.

As Woods heads to The Masters in two weeks with his confidence and “A” Game restored, Woods finds himself back in familiar territory —  winning golf tournaments and ranked No. 1 again.

Obviously, he’s happy with his personal life, seeing Olympic ski champion Lindsey Vonn. (Never underestimate how a happy personal life can positively affect one’s golf!)  He lives on Jupiter Island, hours away from his former home in Isleworth (which Bubba Watson and his family have since purchased). Woods seems to be injury-free and putting like a maniac! (Woods made 19 of 28 putts from between 7-20 feet at Bay Hill).

It was Woods’ 77th PGA Tour win. With five more wins he will tie Sam Snead’s record for most wins on the PGA Tour with 82!

The hunt for his 15th Major Championship begins in two weeks at The Masters. And for the first time in a long time, all seems right in the world for Woods.

Are you pleased to see Tiger ranked No. 1 again, or are you upset to see him back at the top of the sport? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…

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