Seen At 11: Groups Of Adults Turn To Cooperative Households To Save Money

“You have to share values in order to make things work,” Bush said.

In some co-housing communities, families buy smaller homes built around a common building that the entire community shares. Some include communal kitchens and recreation space.

There are more than 100 of the special developments across the nation. Some co-housing operations share housework and childcare duties.

“Taking the stress off of parents in having to do everything for their kids and not sharing the load is really to me the heart of the American dream,” said Rebecca Lane of the Co-Housing Association of the United States.

Experts said it is important to draw up an agreement. It should detail how expenses and chores will be shared, and set boundaries that spell out what you can and can’t live without.

You should also check references of potential housemates and ask why the person wants to move in, experts said.

“You need to know that people are solid about paying, that they’re going to be a reasonable person to be around,” said shared housing expert Annamarie Pluhar.

And experts added that communication and compromise are the key to success.

“You can make something wonderful happen if you can find the right people to do it with,” Machinist said.

If you are considering someone as a housemate, experts suggest running a credit or even criminal background check on that person.

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