Squatters, Looters Overrun Sandy-Ravaged Staten Island Communities (page 2)

Despite Police Presence, Residents Fight To Protect What Hurricane Didn't Take
Staten Island Looting

Steven Sumner of Staten Island said he has had to fight away looters in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. (Credit: CBS 2)

Superstorm Sandy

This is despite what residents say is a large police presence.

“You see a lot of police presence all around,” said Bob Clement of Oakwood. “The police presence is phenomenal.”

But some people in the area said while they appreciate the police presence to some degree, they had to take matters into their own hands.

“We got together, and we said, OK, we’re going to keep an eye out,” said George Jorgensen of New Dorp.

Jorgensen, a Vietnam veteran, said he has seen a lot in his time, but has no patience for people ruining his home.

“If we catch anybody, what we basically do is warn them, and then we tell the cops,” Jorgensen said.

In the meantime, Sumner said he’s not taking any chances.

“I even chained up the back of my camper, so they don’t hook it up and take that away, too,” he said.

The Sandy survivors have been left on their own to defend what the storm didn’t take.

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