While parking his Ford Raptor this morning, Boomer not only failed to adhere to New York City parking rules, but he also potentially put the lives of countless New Yorkers in harm’s way.

Luckily for the Blonde Bomber (and everyone else), Jerry Recco and Tommy (the breakfast coordinator/parking maven) always have his back, so when it came to their attention that the Booms had illegally parked in front of a fire hydrant, the duo hopped into action.

Jerry was very proud of his good deed, so in an effort to assure it did not go unnoticed, he brought it up on the air, which didn’t sit well with Boomer ‘the law breaker.’

Making matters even worse, Tommy – who was clearly feeling his ‘on air muscles’ – proceeded to pile on the already peeved Boomer, in a not so flattering manner.  For his actions, Tommy was promised a private, one-on-one meeting with uncle Booms following today’s show…

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