NEW YORK (WLNY) — It’s one of the biggest worries for a lot of Americans today: Getting a job.

For some who have been out of the workplace for awhile, getting hired can be even harder.

But it’s not impossible, according to Steven Greenberg, employment expert and CBS radio host of “Your Next Job.”

“Joblessness has become an epidemic, particularly long term unemployment. It’s something that’s affected all classes, men and women, high income earners, low-wage people have all been subject to long term unemployment,” he said. “It’s taking people longer than ever to get re-hired once they’ve lost their or have taken time off.”

Step 1: Evaluate Your Skills.

Step 2: Be Accountable.

Step 3: Tailor Resume To Job

Step 4: Identify Relevant Employers

Step 5: Network Online and Offline

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