NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A lifelong Brooklyn resident who was injured on a trip to Florida is unable to get home for treatment.

Audrey Friedson’s daughters are trying to raise money to cover the $15,000 medical transport to get their mother back home.

Friedson has been living in Brooklyn for 75 years. She went to Florida in November to help her daughter who was undergoing surgery for thyroid cancer when she fell and broke her neck, according to her family.

The Friedsons said their mother’s insurance is refusing to pay the transport costs, even though the medical care is more costly in Florida because it is out of network.

“I don’t understand, no matter what is written in my mother’s policy, how it is possibly legal, or let me use the word ethical, for them to leave one of their insured stuck in Florida in desperate need of appropriate and immediate care even though it’s costing them quadruple what it would cost them if they brought her back to New York and that New York could actually help her,” Kimberly Friedson told 1010 WINS.

According to the family, Audrey Friedson needs urgent rehabilitation to help her recover from her injuries. She has suffered near paralysis because of the fall, they said.

The Orlando hospital has medically discharged Friedson but has allowed her to remain there as her children struggle to find a way to transport her home to New York.

The family said time is of the essence with this type of injury and the rehabilitation is needed as quickly as possible.

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