By Sweeny Murti
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This week’s news that Derek Jeter will be out until at least the All-Star break is a sobering blow.  All winter we believed that he would be ready — if not for Opening Day then shortly thereafter.  But this latest setback calls into question what kind of player the Yankees will be getting back when the captain makes his return.

Captain.  That word gets thrown around a lot.  It’s a title that Jeter has officially held for almost 10 years.  But what does it mean to be missing the captain from this Yankees clubhouse?  Mariano Rivera told us on Friday:

If anyone knows what Jeter must be feeling — that he has to come back and can’t leave us with the image of him lying on the turf unable to get up — it is Rivera.  It was almost 12 months ago that Rivera injured his right knee, and now it seems that he’s as good as new.  But he hasn’t forgotten the feeling of the overwhelming desire to come back and be with his teammates:

In the meantime, the Yankees hope Jeter can come back the way that Rivera has.  Rivera has appeared in fiven games and given up four hits and one run. He’s converted all four of his save chances so far.  It’s almost like he never left.

They hope to be saying the same thing about Jeter later this summer.

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If anybody knows what Jeter is going through, it’s Mo. Sound off with your thoughts and comments below…

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