NEW YORK (WLNY) — A new season mean it’s time to break out a new, bold look.

Milly Almodovar, beauty editor at Cosmo for Latinas, joined The Couch to share with us some hot new beauty trends, and quick fixes for make-up mistakes we all make.

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Quick Beauty Fixes:

1) Sprayed too much perfume? Mask the odor with rubbing alcohol. Almost immediately you will find the strong scent will go away.

2) Wake up with a large red pimple? Grab Visine Redness Reducing drops, the red will immediately be gone.

3) For those pesky deodorant marks, use baby wipes or a stocking to rub them away.

4) In a serious rush and dont have time to dry your nails after a mani? Wait two minutes after applying polish, then dip your nails in ice cold water. Your nails will be immediately dried.

5) Applied too much blush and now you resemble a doll (but not in a good way), grab some translucent powder and brush on. The blush will be softened.

Spring Beauty Trends:

1) CC Creams-last year it was all about BB creams, this season it’s all about CC Creams. These promise to give much more coverage than BB creams but with the same skin benefits. 

2) Bold Bold Eyebrows-gone are the days when skinny brows ruled. Bold eyebrows are here to stay-which is great, because a bold eyebrow can make you look 5 years younger. Don’t have enough hair, create your own bold brow.

3) Blue Eyeshadow or liner-Many women steer cleer of this bold eyeshadow, but it can be very flattering (especially on blue and brown eyes).  The trick is not to be too heavy handed. If blue eyeshadow is not your cup of tea, blue eyeliner is a great alternative.

4) Colorful Hair-A trend I saw in a few shows was the addition of pink and blue to the hair. Keeping it fun and colorful for the spring.

5) Bold Matte Lips – Colorful and bold lips, but this time in Matte textures. Lots of women stay away from brights, because they don’t know their perfect bright lips. If your lighter skin, stick with hot pinks, olive can go for bright oranges which really bring out your complexion, darker can do bright red. Matte lips can be  drying, but not if used correctly. Before, applying, make sure you exfoliate, and use a lip balm.

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