Relationship Contracts Growing In Popularity With Married And Unmarried Couples

Experts: Putting Sex In Writing Could Make Your Union Even Stronger

“I have found there can be a lot of joy in having structure and knowing what’s going to happen,” Landes explained.

Mantus and Sullivan had their relationship provisions drawn up by their attorney as part of their prenuptial agreement.

“We’re seeing the evolution of so called ‘lifestyle clauses,’ which really answer the question, what do we want the marriage to be like? What types of activities are we going to be engaging in? Where are we going on vacation?” explained attorney Ann Margaret Carrozza.

Enforcement of the contracts is not guaranteed.

“If someone wants a sex schedule, two times a week, or three times a week, I can’t take that agreement into a courtroom and ask that it be enforced,” Carrozza explained.

The agreements are not not legally binding, according to experts,  but serve as a symbolic way to bind couples.

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