Road Test: 2013 Infiniti QX56

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A big week for the crew here at Drivetime…literally! We are living large. About as large as one can live and still fit in one lane. Our Drivetime Road Test vehicle for this week is the Infiniti QX56 B.U.V. — Big Utility Vehicle!

This three-seat luxury liner is a spectacular road-tripping truck. You sit up high in seats that are more Barcalounger than car seat. It rides smoothly, has little connection to the road, is fitted with every luxury appointment you can think of, and some that help driving as well, like an actual four-wheel drive system with high and low selection.

How tall is the QX56? It actually comes with a split screen, multi-shot camera set that includes a front view camera, so you can see what is in front of you when parking as well as side and rear view cameras that show you the parking lot lines. You don’t park the QX56, you maneuver it into a berth! It might be the only SUV that you need a television director to help you park: “Rear camera on one, give me a two-shot of the side cameras on the white lines in 3-2-1-go.”

The truth is the QX56 is big, brash, beautiful and so far has been a great road machine for hauling lots of people in leather wrapped luxury.

It could be the ultimate big and tall accessory!

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