Says Death Penalty Not Likely

NEW YORK (WLNY) — In a case that captivated the nation, a jury of eight men and four women found Jodi Arias’ guilty of first degree-murder on Wednesday.

Prosecutor Anna Sigga-Nicolazzi joined us on The Couch to give us her insight on what happens next in the case.

As she pointed out, the trial played out almost like a television courtroom drama.

“This case has sex, an attractive couple, the religious aspect – because he was a devout, or supposedly devout, Mormon – so you know, you have all the sex and the lies and the relationship angst that people like to read about, but it was real, which made it all the more captivating,” Sigga-Nicolazzi said.

“Then you had a case that they were able to broadcast live,” she added. “Normally we read about it, but people were able to watch it, so they got as engrossed in it as you do with your favorite TV series. Unfortunately, this was all too real.”

“The prosecution really put together a tight case. In two and a half weeks they outlined not only what she did at the time of the crime but what she did at the time of the crime but how she planned it out and covered her tracks aftwards. And I really think, at the end of the day, that’s what the jury went with.”

Arias has said she wants the death penalty, saying that death will be the ultimate freedom. But as Sigga-Nicolazzi explains, it isn’t likely.

“It’s always hard to predict, and it’s going to depend on what those 12 people find,” she said. “I think  more likely we’ll have life without parole.”

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