NEW YORK (WLNY) — Spring is here and summer is around the corner — for the ladies, this means manicures, waxing, new make-up (or digging up old, seasonal makeup), highlights and more.

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But there’s a dark side to spring beauty, one that sees dangerous germs, chemicals and more seeping into your skin and nails.

Dr. Yael Varnado joined us on The Couch to teach us how to be aware of hidden dangers in your spring beauty regimen before you head out to beautify any part of your body.

For instance, did you know that highlighting and dying your hair can put those with sensitive skin at risk for burns and rashes?

There are salons in New York City which specialize in treating sensitive hair and skin and use products specially made for this. One of  Dr. Varnado’s current favorites is Mauricio Organic Hair Care in the Flat Iron District.

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