Jeannette Meyran Says Strange Acitivity Progressed Subtly

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The widow of a firefighter who died in the infamous “Black Sunday” blaze in the Bronx was looking for a new beginning when she decided to move out of her old house.

Instead, she was met with unwanted house guests.

Jeannette Meyran, 53, and her family left their home in Malverne to escape painful memories after her husband, Lt. Curtis Meyran, was killed in the 2005 apartment fire.

Soon after they moved in to their new place in St. James, Meyran said strange things began happening.

“Things started to move, fire place tools were swaying, you heard an undertone of voices like mumbling, and you’d think the TV was on or the kids were calling me and nobody was calling anybody,” Meyran told 1010 WINS. “It progressed like that, it was very subtle.”

In the third season premiere of the SyFy program “Paranormal Witness,” Meyran said she would see cloaked figures on her security cameras and claims that one day she saw a spirit push her daughter out of the backyard swing, breaking her foot.

Meyran said a pentagram was found in the basement as well as a diary from 1927 that mentioned rituals and animal sacrifices.

A priest eventually came to bless the house, but Meyran claims that only made the situation worse.

“We did a blessing and you feel a little bit better, but it seemed to me all it did was anger these things or this thing. There were several, from what I understand, that were malevolent,” Meyran said. “You can’t fight what you don’t see or you don’t know what things are capable of.”

With the help of a paranormal investigator and psychic medium, Meyran did a cleansing and a blessing to get rid of the evil spirits which were apparently reawakened by demolition of the house.

It worked and the family still lives in the house.

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