This was one of those segments that offered a not-so-subtle reminder of why you love tuning in to the Boomer and Carton Morning Extravaganza.

First, Craig mocked his Blonde radio partner for the delivery and tone he uses during his CBS Sports Radio Network’s “Sports Minutes” — which differs greatly from the regular manner in which he speaks. Boomer responded with a shot at Craig’s endless promotion of his book “Loudmouth.”

The conversation somehow shifted to the subject of the next head coach of the Rangers, which appears to be Alain Vigneault. Boomer is pretty certain that if Vigneault does takeover, he will willingly be a guest on the program, unlike his predecessor, John Tortorella.

Al Dukes eventually chimed in, sending a barb in Boomer’s direction, which although was amusing, was not received well by the Booms.

Finally, it was revealed that Craig gave into temptation by ordering bagels this morning for breakfast, and it was that that sent Boomer over the edge…

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