Tommy “White Trash” Lugauer (pictured) does a lot of work behind the scenes here on the Boomer and Carton Morning Extravaganza, most of it going unnoticed and certainly unappreciated. But that doesn’t deter him from getting it done each and every morning — well except for today, that is.

The task of helping to oversee the Boomer and Carton “All-Star Sweatshop” proved to be a little too much for poor Tommy, who was noticeably distracted by the hoards of “eye candy” wandering around all morning long.

Luckily for Tommy, though, the lovely Olivia and Megan took notice of him. While taking a break from their “sweatshop” duties to pay Boomer and Craig a visit in the Allstate Studio, Olivia and Megan broke into an impromptu “Tom-Tom-Tom” chant.

Can’t make it up folks. Further proof that hard work pays off — or something…

Tommy Can You Hear Me?

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