Pet Owners Need To Take Precautions, Make Sure Animals Stay Hydrated

NEW YORK (CBS) — People take precautions to stay safe in the heat, but are reminded constantly not to forget about their furry friends.

As CBS 2’s Alex Denis reported Tuesday, in the midst of a series of summer scorchers, it is important to take steps now to protect your animals.

Your pet’s breed might be the first thing to consider when trying to beat the heat.

“If you have a brachycephalic dog like a pug, a bulldog, and shih tzu — the smooshed face dogs — you’re going to want to keep them indoors during the hottest part of the day,” said dog trainer Nikki Moustaki. “They have breathing problems, and they can’t deal with the heat the way dogs with longer snouts can.”

And just like for people, hydration is a must for all animals. But what if your dog or cat refuses to drink after spending time outside?

“Give them wet food — canned food — because it has a high moisture content,” Moutsaki said.

When selecting a wet pet food to hydrate your pet, check the moisture levels on the back of the can. The higher the percentage the more water your animal will consume.

And what about giving your pet a stylish summer do? Dogs that are typically groomed like Maltese and poodles can get a clip to keep them cool, but shorter hair isn’t always the best option.

“Other dogs with double and triple coats like Chows or Pomeranians — sometimes people shave those dogs thinking that they’re going to make those dogs cooler, but actually, that double and triple coat insulates against cold as well as heat,” Moustaki said.

Experts said sometimes, the shaved coat does not grow back properly, so do your homework before you take your pup for a cute cut.

And don’t forget – the street is often 10 or 20 degrees hotter than the air temperature, so be careful not to inadvertently burn your pets’ paws.

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