Intruders Trash Home While Boys Stay Quiet

CLIFTON, N.J. (CBS 2) — Quick thinking by two young New Jersey brothers may have saved their lives.

Burglars busted into a Clifton home Monday afternoon while two boys, ages 10 and 15, were home alone playing video games. They survived the ordeal by hiding under the bed, CBS 2’s Amy Dardashtian reported exclusively Tuesday.

Because of the boys’ ages, their identities are not being revealed.

The elder brother told Dardashtian that his younger sibling heard a door break — and then came running into his room and closed the door. They then slid under the bed, which is elevated about a foot off the ground.

At least one burglar kicked his way through the front door with the assistance of a crowbar, police said. He then tried to pass himself off as a law enforcement officer.

“He came running up the stairs and he was saying, ‘It’s the police, it’s the police,'” the brother said. “We were just holding our breath so he wouldn’t hear us.”

Though his heart was racing, the older brother said he knew he had to stay calm to protect his younger sibling.

“I told my brother, cause he was crying, just to calm down and be quiet for a little.”

The boys remained under the bed and stayed quiet while the burglar trashed the house and then left. After waiting 15 minutes, the boys continued hiding while they called their mom at work.

Now reunited, the family is now installing extra locks and an alarm.

The boys’ mom said her kids are a shining example of what every child should do in an emergency.

“Tell your kids to be smart, don’t panic, be smart and do something,” she said. “Hide somewhere under the closet or under the bed and call 911.”

The boys’ father became emotional as he said his son knew exactly what to do when the incident occurred.

“I’m very happy to my son,” he said.

Police are still looking for a suspect.

The brothers were playing Xbox against their cousins who were in a different house when the burglary happened. They heard the incident through the Xbox speaker.

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