NEW YORK (WLNY) — Plan on indulging in hot dogs, hamburgers and baked beans today?

Before heading off to the holiday cookout, check out our Fit Minute. Mister Abs, Levi James, is back on The Couch to show us some moves to tone our core.

1) Side kick thru.

Start on hands and knees, and your engage core to lift knees a few inches from the ground [as shown]. Rotate your body to the right, extending your left leg into a kick about an inch above the floor.  Your right heel should be pressed into floor as right arm bends and lifts out to the side. Pull the kicking leg back under the body to return to start and quickly repeat to the other side. Perform 20 reps, alternating sides each time.

2) Standing kick and twist.

Stand with fingertips at temples. Engage the abdominal any flexing spine. Bring right elbow to the left knee as you squeeze abdominals. Drop left toes to floor, real and quickly raise straight left leg to the right elbow. Then switch to left elbow touch to right knee then straight right leg. One touch to Elbow then knee is one rep. 20 reps

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