NEW YORK (WLNY) — When Hollywood needs an authority figure, James Cromwell is usually at the top of the list.

The actor has made a career out of great supporting roles, from ‘Babe’ to ‘The Sum Of All Fears,’ to ‘The Artist.’

Now he’s starring as a man fighting authority in the new film, ‘Still Mine,’ which hits theaters in New York on July 19. Cromwell stopped by The Couch to talk about his career and the new film.


Taking the leading role changes things a lot, Cromwell said.

“When you’re the lead, you have to do an arc that’s much longer, and you have to withhold some,” he said. “You have to create a persona that the audience can fill in for themselves. They actually create the character that they’re seeing, because they picking up certain things, and in their mind they’re doing the work.”

Playing a main character is harder, as one might imagine, but he said the adjustment was one he was pleased with.

“You have to pace it a little differently. You have to make sure you’ve not done the same thing in two scenes. You have to accept the responsibility that your focus and your intention is much longer. ”

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