The 'Honey Fitz' Will Be Giving Cruises To Members Of Veterans Group

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — John F. Kennedy’s beloved presidential yacht the Honey Fitz is in New York City this weekend as part of a charity tour for a veterans group.

Known as “The Yacht of Camelot,” the 92-foot vessel was built in 1931. The ship is now privately owned by a Texas businessman and has been meticulously restored to the time when JFK called it his maritime home.

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“What you see here is a reproduction of what it was like when Kennedy had it,” Honey Fitz Captain Mark Glasser told WCBS 880’s Steve Scott.

Glasser said he spent more than a year restoring the yacht.

PHOTOS: The Honey Fitz Stops In NYC

“We found some samples of the carpet underneath some of the hatches, the upholstery was in the archives so we had a company go ahead and make the patterns for the upholstery,” he said.

Squeezed into the corner of the salon is a small desk and chair that were brought from the White House specifically for the boat.

“When you look at the pictures on the wall, you know exactly where the president was sitting, you see him holding Caroline in his lap — it’s all here and you can sit there right now,” said First Mate Paul Ocepek.

WCBS 880's Steve Scott sits at President John F. Kennedy's desk aboard the Honey Fitz. (credit: Steve Scott/WCBS 880)

WCBS 880’s Steve Scott sits at President John F. Kennedy’s desk aboard the Honey Fitz. (credit: Steve Scott/WCBS 880)

While in New York City, the yacht will be taking members of the group Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America on free cruises.

“We’re going to be taking out veterans and their spouses for an appreciation cruise for lunch on Saturday and Sunday and also an evening cruise with their supporters to raise money for their cause,” said Honey Fitz Executive Chef Francis Pavlov.

The Honey Fitz will be docked at North Cove Marina in Battery Park through the weekend.

For more information about the vessel, click here.

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