Parkgoers Claim Birds Have Swooped Down, Pecked At Their Heads

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Talk about angry birds.

Overly aggressive mockingbirds have apparently been following and attacking visitors at Transmitter Park along the East River in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Many parkgoers claim the birds have stalked them, swooped down and pecked at their heads.

Nathaniel Zeering said he was walking his Jack Russell mix through the park when a mockingbird took aim and dived at him.

“I kind of saw a bird at a low level, it was kind of moving out of the way, I didn’t think it was going to attack me and the next thing, I feel something on my head,” Ziering told 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg. “I never heard of that before, I’ve never been attacked by a bird before.”

Others strolling through the park said they have also been attacked by the tiny territorial birds.

“I got attacked one time, it was pretty aggressive, he followed me down the street,” one man said. “If I wasn’t looking he would fly towards me and when I looked at him he would fly away.”

“I was walking by the playground and I felt something kind of whisk by my hair,” another man said.

The aggressive behavior could be due to the birds protecting their nests.

“They’ll come get you,” warned one parkgoer. “You definitely gotta watch your back.”

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