Perry, the voice behind New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City food trucks.

You want to know about the latest food truck in town? Stick with us. We got you covered!

The newest food truck in town is called Wing’n It. They specialize in one thing – chicken wings, and you can have them grilled, baked or fried.

They also have a nice selection of sauces to choose from, and a few side dishes.

(credit: New York Street Food)

(credit: New York Street Food)

We wanted to try the jerk chicken wings, and the P.O.C. (papaya, orange, chili) looked good too. Half a dozen cost $6 and a dozen cost $11.50.

Starting with the P.O.C., they were glazed with a fruity, sweet barbecue sauce.

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The papaya and orange came through nicely, but there wasn’t much in the way of chili. If you like sweet, fruity bbq sauces, the P.O.C. is a good option.

We couldn’t taste any chili, but could see it in the sauce. These wings were anything but spicy.

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But that’s fine, because there are several options for getting spicy dishes at Wing’n It.

One of the spiciest are the grilled jerk wings.

(credit: New York Street Food)

(credit: New York Street Food)

They may not look it, but these babies were hot, hot hot!

The grilled jerk wings were nice and charred, with plenty of char flavor in each bite.

Not only were the jerk wings hot and peppery, but there was plenty of meat on the bones.

Chicken wings can be sparse in the meat department, but these were nice and meaty. They would have been perfect with an ice cold beer.

You can find Wing’n It on Twitter here or on our Mobile Munchies Twitter feed. Their Facebook is here, and here is the wings portion of the menu.

Not only did they get the wings right, but they got the 2nd most important thing right when serving wings – including wet wipes with each order.

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