Weiner Moving Forward With Mayoral Campaign Despite Calls From Opponents To Quit Race

Former Congressman Back Out On The Campaign Trail Talking Middle Class

A Breakdown Of The Latest Allegations
First published by the gossip website “The Dirty,” the new disclosures came from a woman who said she was 22 when she began an online relationship with Weiner. Site editor Nik Ritchie wrote that the woman claimed Weiner and the woman “had a relationship for six months, and she believed they were in love.”

The website published a series of graphic exchanges about imagined sex acts between Weiner and the woman – using explicit terms for genitals and sex acts. The new disclosures included two graphic photos — one pixelated, the other partially censored by the Web site with a chain of pink hearts.

The woman said Weiner exchanged nude photos of himself with her, engaged in phone sex with her, promised to help her get a job at the political website Politico and suggested meeting in a Chicago condo for a tryst.

The woman said her relationship with Weiner “fizzled” in November 2012. She said she last heard from him this past April, when a New York Times Magazine profile revealed he was eyeing a mayoral run.

Weiner said not every allegation the woman made was true but that he was not going to dispute specific claims. The lawyer for The Dirty’s founder, Nik Richie, said his client was ill and would not comment Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Weiner admitted sending sexually explicit photos and messages as recently as last summer, more than a year after he resigned from the House because of similar behavior with at least a half-dozen women.

Weiner Moving Forward With Mayoral Campaign

The narrative of scandals surrounding Weiner began on May 27, 2011, when a shot of Weiner’s crotch surfaced. At the time, he claimed his Twitter account was hacked.

It took 10 days – until June 6 – for Weiner to own up to having inappropriate online exchanges with women. Ten days after that, he resigned from Congress.

In December 2011, Weiner’s son was born. Six months later on July 18, 2012, he gave the first interview of his rehabilitation campaign, saying he had changed his sexting ways.

But that same month was when he reportedly began talking to the 22-year-old woman interviewed by “The Dirty,” and in August 2012, the sexting began with Weiner using the sobriquet “Carlos Danger.”

Weiner Moving Forward With Mayoral Campaign

Weiner first addressed the latest exchanges with his wife Huma Abedin at his side Tuesday.

Speaking in front of cameras about the issue for the first time Tuesday, Abedin said her husband had made some “horrible mistakes both before he resigned from Congress and after” but insisted she and her husband discussed “all of this” before he jumped into the mayor’s race in May.

Seeming a bit choked with emotion, she noted that she had chosen to stay in the marriage, but “it was not an easy choice.”

“I love him. I have forgiven him. I believe in him. And as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward,” she said.

Weiner said in a July 2, 2012, interview with People magazine that he’d “tried to become a better person” every day since the sexting scandal. And yet the latest indiscretion appears to have started just days after he gave that interview.


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