Cockpit Voice Recorder Captured Entire Accident Landing Sequence

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The National Transportation Safety Board released new information Thursday about the plane accident at LaGuardia Airport on Monday.

Three passengers and five crew members were injured during Southwest Airlines Flight 345’s landing when the plane’s front landing gear appeared to collapse, sending its nose into the runway. The 737 wound up in a grassy area next to the runway, where passengers used chutes to escape.

However, the investigative update from the NTSB said that video and other evidence is “consistent with the nose gear making contact with the runway before the main landing gear.”

A review of the cockpit voice recorder captured the entire flight, including the “accident landing sequence,” the agency said.

Once the plane touched down the “aircraft came to a stop within approximately 19 seconds,” according to the report.

On Friday a “cockpit voice recorder group” will convene in Washington at the NTSB laboratory to “transcribe the relevant portion of the accident.”

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