First Time A Television Series Was Granted Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Access To WWE

NEW YORK (WLNY) – WWE Women’s Champions and twins Brie and Nikki Bella visited The Couch to talk about their new reality series, “Total Divas.”

The docu-series highlights the lives of the female WWE stars.

“You get to see what we go through inside the ring [and] outside the ring, so not only do you see us in our competitive nature with the girls on the show and what we do in the ring and fight for TV time, but then you see us in our real lives with our personal relationships, with our boyfriends, our family members,” Nikki said.

The series is breaking new ground in the very first episode which features an unprecented look inside WrestleMania®. This marks the first time that any television series was granted exclusive behind-the-scenes access to WWE.

“It’s the first time ever- WWE and E! are making history on showing backstage and what Divas are really all about,” Nikki said.

The show premieres on E! July 28 at 10 p.m.

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