Factors Include Charity Giving, Walkability, And Population Stability

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New Yorkers know that stereotype about rudeness is just a myth, and a new list seems to prove it.

New York ranked at the top of a list released this week of the best cities to make friends, compiled by CreditDonkey.com.

The list focused on metropolitan areas nationwide with populations greater than 1 million. It ranked the cities based on three factors – the percentage of disposable income residents give to charity, walkability, and stability of local populations.

The three factors were based on certain conclusions about friendly people – people who give to charity are nice in general and more likely to be involved in community organizations where they can meet others, walkability makes it easy to meet neighbors, and people who stick around their local area for more than five years are more likely to build local connections, the publication reported.

The survey said an average of 4.6 percent of people’s disposable income goes to charity in New York – 0.1 percent higher than the average for the cities studied. The city is at the top for walkability, with a score of 85.3 compared to an average of 55.9.

And New Yorkers often tell stories of bouncing around from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back again year after year, searching for new roommates, and fleeing apartments with roaches or bedbugs. But that may not be the norm, because 57.5 percent of New Yorkers actually have lived in their residences for at least five years – compared with an average of 49 percent, the study said.

Baltimore came in second on the list, followed by Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; Philadelphia; Chicago; Minneapolis; Detroit; Miami and St. Louis.

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