Employee Worked At Driver's Seat Restaurant

GREAT RIVER, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A worker at Driver’s Seat Restaurant in Southampton has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A virus, the Suffolk County Department of Health Services said Thursday.

The SCDHS will offer free Hepatitis A vaccine to anyone who dined at the restaurant between Aug. 16-20.

Anyone seeking a vaccine can get it at the 3rd Floor Teaching Center at Southampton Hospital, 240 Meeting House Lane, Southampton.

The vaccine will be available:

  • Friday, Aug. 30 3p-6p
  • Saturday, Aug. 31 10a-1p
  • Monday, Sept. 2, 10a-1p
  • Tuesday, Sept. 3, 3p-6p

You can also get a vaccine at SCDHS offices at 3500 Sunrise Highway, Suite 124, Great River on Friday, Aug. 30 from 9a-4p and Tuesday, Sept. 3, 9a-4p.

Anyone who may have been exposed may also get preventive treatment from their health care provider. Treatment is not recommended for people potentially exposed before Aug. 16, the SCDHS said.

Symptoms of Hepatitis A can include fever, fatigue, poor appetite, nausea, stomach pain, dark-colored urine and jaundice. Symptoms typically appear within 28 days of exposure and last 15-50 days. Most people recover without complications.

Hepatitis A can be spread by consuming food or drink handled by an infected person. Casual contact does not spread the virus, the SCDHS said.

For more information, call the SCDHS at (631) 787-2200.

News of the exposure comes a week after a similar scare in Manhattan.

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