During this action-packed segment, we got spoiled with a whole mess of good stuff, beginning with the first installment of ‘Boomer’s Fantasy,’ which is when Uncle Booms offers up a couple of fantasy football ‘sleepers’ for the upcoming week of action:

For Week 1 the Booms like the following two players:

1. Vick Ballard (Colts-RB) vs. Raiders

2. Mohamed Sanu (Bengals-WR) @ Chicago

After that the guys offered up a brief overview of what they expect out of both the Jets and the Giants this season, before delivering their ‘award-winning’ NFL Picks-Picks-Picks for Week 1 of the season.  They are as follows:

1. Falcons (+3) @ Saints – Boomer: Falcons…Craig: Saints

2. Bengals (+3) @ Bears – Boomer: Bengals…Craig: Bears

3. Packers (+4.5) @ 49ers – Boomer: Packers…Craig: Packers

4. Bucs (-3.5) @ Jets – Boomer: Bucs…Craig: Bucs

5. Giants (+3.5) @ Cowboys – Boomer: Cowboys…Craig: Cowboys

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