When it comes to the hot-button topic of fixing games, I guess you could say that author Brian Tuohy is somewhat of an expert.

Tuohy wrote the book “Larceny Games: Sports Gambling, Game Fixing and the FBI,” which as the title insinuates, outlines the underground world of gambling, game fixing, point shaving and widespread corruption in sports over the years — including the early 1980s when the New York Knicks were investigated — and what the authorities did to combat the illegal acts.

This book is by no means a smear campaign, which Tuohy explains, but rather a collection of documents obtained from the FBI, which archive investigations that will certainly make you scratch your head.

Do the names Bill Russell or George Blanda mean anything to ya’?  Well, according to Tuohy, their names are in the book.

Give a listen to this revealing segment and draw your own conclusion about whether what you’re watching is above board…

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