Jillian Given Made Call After Seeing Mom In Diabetic Shock

NESCONSET, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A mother in trouble was saved by her 5-year-old daughter in Suffolk County, when the little girl took it upon herself to call 911.

As CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez reported, Jillian Given may be only 5, but she knew exactly what to do when her mother needed help.

“I still can’t believe it to be honest with you. Every day, it chokes me up,” said her mother, Elisabeth Given. “I keep saying she’s a hero. I don’t think she understands the extent of what she’s done.”

In fact, Elisabeth Given said, her life was saved by her daughter’s quick thinking.

“It was like I was living outside my body,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it happened first of all. And second of all I couldn’t believe that she did it. She saved my life. I said that she was a hero; you know? She’s my hero.”

Jillian was at her grandparents’ house with her diabetic mother, when Elisabeth Given went into diabetic shock, fell off her bed, and almost lost consciousness.

Jillian said she tried to talk to her mother.

“I said I’m going to call 911,” she said.

And that was exactly what she did.

Jillian: “Hello, my mom is diabetic and she is, she is in a room, and she drinks juice. My mom is, like, passed out. I’m 5 years old and I tried to call my daddy, but it didn’t work.”

Operator: “Do you know if she’s breathing?”

Jillian: “I think she’s breathing.”

Dispatcher James Hudson said he was impressed the kindergartner kept her composure.

“She was very, very calm,” said Hudson, of the Smithtown Fire District. “She knew what to do what to say; give the pertinent information about her mother’s medical history, and made it simple for us.”

Jillian said her mother taught her exactly what to do if she went into diabetic shock. But Jillian needed just a little help unlocking the front door for emergency responders, and making sure the family dogs did not interfere.

Jillian: “OK, but, I don’t know how to get the dogs out. I have to clear them.”

Operator:“OK, are they out? Is the police officer in?”

Jillian: “Yes.”

Operator: “OK, good job Jillian.”

As to how she knew how to call 911, she said, “Mommy taught me.”

And of the paramedics who came to rescue her mother, Jillian said she wanted to tell them, “I love you.”

Elisabeth Given is recovering well. Jillian is taking her hero status in stride, and her school plans to honor her on Friday.

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