NEW YORK (WLNY) – In a new weekly segment on The Couch called “Couch Calls,” we answer health questions sent in to the show by our viewers. It’s our take on the old-fashioned doctor “house calls.” Dr. Adhi Sharma is board certified in Emergency Medicine and in Medical Toxicology.

This week, Dr. Sharma answered questions about vitamins, epi-pens, how to stop snoring and lowering your cholesterol.

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Q: When is the correct time to take vitamin pills? Is it in the morning with breakfast or in the evening when retiring for the night? – Norman

A: The best time to take a vitamin, Dr. Sharma said, is when you remember to take it. You should take it with meals, and as long as you take it the same time every day, it should be okay.

Q: Last week, my 9 year old daughter had a play date with a new friend from school. It’s her first friend with severe allergies. Her mom sent her  to my house with an epi-pen and I freaked, because I have no idea how to use it or where to inject her. Could you demonstrate what to do in an emergency? – Karen

A: Watch the video to see Dr. Sharma demonstrate how to properly use an epi-pen.

Q: How can I get my husband to stop snoring?

A: “The way to look at it is, what’s causing the snoring? If you treat that, that’s often best. Most people snore because they lay on their back, so if you lay on your side or sleep on your side, that’s the easiest way,” Dr. Sharma said.

He also suggested over the counter nasal strips or decongestants if you are snoring due to a cold or allergies.

“But snoring can also be a sign…of sleep apnea. If you wake up with morning fatigue and you’re grouchy and tired all day long, it might be a sign of sleep apnea, and you need to be checked out by your doctor.”

There are also surgeries and other options for those suffering from snorers.


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