Big Blue Safety Urges Ticket-Holders To Bring It On Sunday

NEW YORK (WFAN) — By now you’ve heard: Antrel Rolle thinks the Giants can salvage their season by running the table after an 0-4 start.

He’s on a mission to make everyone believe in Big Blue — even some of his own teammates.

“Honestly speaking, I really don’t believe that everyone believes that we can win within our locker room,” Rolle told WFAN radio co-hosts Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts on Tuesday. “It’s hard. There’s guys that haven’t been there before. There’s guys that haven’t been affiliated with how the Giants make comebacks and how we can come back in the games, or how we can overcome adversity.”

With coach Tom Coughlin’s permission, the safety spoke to the team Monday after a demoralizing 31-7 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 4.

“It’s not too late for us to turn it around,” Rolle said. “All we have to do is just believe. We can’t worry about what happened in those previous four games. We can only take care of today and move on from today. And that was pretty much my message to the team.”

It hasn’t been pretty, but the Giants are just two games behind the first-place Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East. They’ll have a chance to even things up with second-place Philadelphia (1-3) when the Eagles invade MetLife Stadium on Sunday.

“We have to make our home our home,” Rolle said. “When you go out there and lose, your home is not your home anymore. So we have to go out there and we have to claim it. We have to let other teams know that this is our home, and they can’t just come in here and kick our a– at their own will.”

Rolle made a plea for fans to show up and bring the noise.

“That’s something that I want to ask for all of our great fans that we have out there. Just bring the enthusiasm,” he said. “Bring the excitement. We want to hear that loud noise. We want to hear that roar like we heard when we were making our Super Bowl run when we played against Atlanta. That was the loudest I’ve ever heard the stadium in my life.

“We need that same intensity from our fans. We know we haven’t given much to get excited for, to rah-rah-rah for, but just bring it. And we promise you we’re gonna be there. We’re gonna bring our best.”

More from Rolle:

— On his thought that New York can go 12-0: “We just have to take it one game at a time. If we get one, we can get two. If we get two, we can get three. And it’s a snowball effect from there. But we have to take care of game one first.”

— On Justin Tuck physically threatening anyone who turns on Coughlin: “I’ll back up exactly what Justin Tuck is saying, because it’s not our coach under any means. It’s not our coach. We have an outstanding coach. We have an excellent coach. We have a coach that has a fire within his heart. We have a coach that’s motivated. We have a coach that believes we can win. Coaches coach. The players play the game. It’s not our head coach. And I’ll be first to say that, I’ll be the second to say it, I’ll be the third to say it. Coach Coughlin has nothing, nothing, nothing at all to do with what we have been displaying out there on Sundays.”

— On going up against the Eagles’ high-tempo offense: “They have a lot of options, they have a lot of threats. We have our work cut out for us, but nothing that we can’t handle.”

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