Boomer and Craig got the fun started this morning with their focus on the baseball diamond, after the Pirates sent the Reds home to Cincinnati with a 6-2 win in the first official MLB playoff game of the 2013 season.

That combined with the news coming out of Yankee land with regard to Robinson Cano and Joe Girardi had the Dynamic Radio Duo talking baseball on the FAN.

With the loss, the Reds’ season is now over after just one game and Boomer and Craig are in agreement that part of the new playoff format stinks.  With that said, the atmosphere in Pittsburgh last night was electric, as two former New York players, Marlon Bryd and Russell Martin, led the Pirates’ charge.

Meanwhile Brian Cashman says “we’re going to give him a real good reason to stay,” talking about Girardi, and Craig is confident that Cano isn’t going anywhere either — so there’s that.

It was all of that and even more to light this morning show fire…

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