Users Who Are Feeling Queasy Can Adjust Settings -- Or Simply Look Away

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — With incredible new graphics and special effects, smartphones are getting smarter and smarter.

But as CBS 2’s Maurice Dubois reported, for some people, they’re phones are literally making them sick.

Experts say the Apple iOS7 operating system’s advanced graphics  — which can appear to be three-dimensional and show zooming animations when you open, close and switch apps — can make the brain think you’re moving when you’re not, causing motion sickness.

“It’s a cybersickness, like motion sickness,” said Ryan Ozawa, a tech expert who suffers from cybersickness.

“Because of all the physics engines and kind of movement in the operating system, people are getting a little dizzy or getting motion sickness, just like they would in the back of a car.”

The Internet is littered with people complaining of similar symptoms, which range from headaches and nausea to dizziness and even vertigo.

“It’s giving me a headache,” one  iOS7 user says in a YouTube video. “It’s making me nauseated, and that’s not fun.”

But there is a way to cut down on all this smartphone movement. Ozawa said iOS7 users can go into their settings and click on the “reduce motion” option.

Just like with motion sickness, experts say you need to reset your equilibrium to feel better.

“If you’re looking at your phone long enough to get dizzy, maybe that’s a good sign, a good hint to put down the phone,” Ozawa said.

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