'That Wasn’t Bullying At All. That Was Just Fun In The Locker Room'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — As the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin story continues to develop, Giants fans can’t help but think about an incident that took place at training camp last year, one that raised some eyebrows.

If you remember, and we’re sure that you do, second-year player Prince Amukamara was dumped into a cold tub by Jason Pierre-Paul. It was all caught on video by punter Steve Weatherford.

So was that bullying? Hazing? Good-natured fun? All off the above?

It’s not a black and white issue, that’s for sure.

But Amukamara has spoken, and he doesn’t believe that he was the victim of bullying in 2012.

I was definitely trying to put myself in Jonathan’s shoes and see if it was identical to my situation,” the cornerback said on Monday. “Last year, with what I went through, I’m still sticking to my story. That wasn’t bullying at all. That was just fun in the locker room.”

Martin, an offensive tackle for the Dolphins, has left the team after Incognito allegedly harassed him with threatening text messages and voicemails that were racially-charged in nature.

Incognito has been suspended by Miami, and according to a report he may have played his last game as a Dolphin.

“There was nothing going over the line with us,” safety Antrel Rolle added. “It was a fun act. Other people took it and blew it up, but we know how we are here and what took place here. Definitely nowhere near the same circumstances that’s been going on down there.”

Amukamara clearly wasn’t happy about being thrown in ice-cold water, but he understands why it happened and harbors no ill will toward his teammates.

“If I had made a public outcry or something, that would have made it bullying,” Amukamara said, according to ESPN. “But right after I was in the tub, everything was OK. I think if it affected the way I was at work, or the way I interacted with the other players, that would have been different. But I never felt that way.”

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