HOBOKEN, N.J.(CBSNewYork) — Hoboken is notorious for its parking problems, but now a different breed of vehicle is causing trouble in the streets.

It is an unusual clash of vehicles without engines, CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport reported Friday.

Baby strollers are being locked to bike racks so frequently that locals have started to refer to Sinatra Drive as “Stroller City.”

“The problem here is people steal the strollers,” mother Stephanie Tesser said.

The thefts of strollers that can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,000 has prompted some Hoboken parents to lock them to bike racks.

The issue has gotten prominent play on the blog Hoboken 411, which featured the following rant:

“Like a rampant bacterial infection that tramples everything not strong enough to defend themselves, strollers will continue invading places they are simply not supposed to be,” the blog read.

Hoboken mother Rebecca Lacy was both amused and bewildered as she gazed upon an empty bike rack.

“I guess there aren’t any bikes on it so I could see why maybe someone would think it’s an open spot to tie something up,” she said.

Many Hoboken mothers told CBS 2’s Rapoport that using the bike racks is a convenient option, but none said that they had ever done it.

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