You Name It, It's Probably For Sale, Including Electronics, Winter Clothes, Leather Goods

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — After the busy holiday season you’re probably feeling a little shopping fatigue. But if you’re avoiding stores and malls you might be missing out on some steep deals.

And as CBS 2’s Don Champion reported Monday, they may be the best deals you’ll see.

If you thought the best bargains were long gone, think again.

“I would say January is probably the best time to shop,” retail adviser Hitha Prabhakar said.

Prabhakar said stores are offering up deep deals right now partly because they’re trying to get rid of leftover merchandise from last year.

“The fact that the retailers didn’t sell a lot of their merchandise isn’t great for the retailer necessarily, but the consumer really benefits from that,” Prabhakar said.

So what should you buy? For one, winter clothing. Discounts of up to 70-80 percent can be found in some cases, mostly on sweaters and coats and, of course, long pants and long johns.

Champion found other deals at the Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City on Monday, including 75 percent off leather goods and 25 percent off jewelry.

Experts also say it’s a good time to buy televisions and electronics because the Super Bowl is only weeks away now and with the New Year newer models are being released.

Shoppers told Champion the deals are enticing.

“I didn’t come out today to spend anything. I came out for a walk,” shopper Barbara Seddon said laughing as she exited the mall with a shopping bag.

“This was the better one because actually back then you’re spending more money and you don’t actually see the difference,” shopper Nairbo Abreu added.

Prabhakar also said that brick-and-mortar stores have new reason to offer steeper deals because of increased competition from online retailers. One new report found online retailers saw a 75 percent spike in traffic volume the week of “Black Friday” 2013 alone compared to 2012.

“Promotions are definitely a way they’re trying to get people in the store,” Prabhakar said.

Champion was told that a lot of the great deals will run through the end of January, but experts say you might not have much of a selection by the end of the month, so timing is everything.

Now is also a great time to cash in on half-off deals on holiday decorations for next year. You’ll also find great bargains of gym equipment this time of year, Champion reported.

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