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Before Jerry Recco got to his updating gig, Boomer filled us in on his plans following today’s show, which prompted a reaction from his radio partner.

When Boomer mentioned he would be strapping on the skates and dropping the puck with some retired New York Rangers, because well, the Booms is a ‘Ranger’ – whatever that means – Craig felt compelled to offer his own not so flattering commentary on the planned event, which in some ways will mirror an actual ice hockey game.

‘The’ Eddie Scozzare chimed in using his vast collection of audio drops – or shall we say ‘unauthorized audio’ in this instance.

When the laughter finally subsided, Jerry did his thing, which was brutal for Knicks fans, but rather satisfying for those who root on the Brooklyn Nets after their 103-80 thumping of the Knickerbockers at MSG.

Plus, Richard Sherman uses Peter King’s ‘Monday Morning QB’ website to issue an apology of sorts – which was met with mixed reviews  — and finally, the Blonde Bomber gets himself into ‘cliche mode’ and gets comfortable…

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